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"a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols."

The Road to Enlightenment

We have established this site to share our Lodge with fellow Freemasons as well as those who are simply curious or perhaps interested in joining our Order.

Darlington Lodge was consecrated on the 13th of October 1945 and its founding members were strongly linked to the Temperance movement and it is undoubtly because of this strong relationship that Darlington Lodge became the first temperance lodge in the town.

Alcoholic beverages were therefore not consumed at the festive board and were prohibited until the Tylers toast had been completed, the exception to this rule being cider, because this beverage was not produced by the brewing and fermentation of starches. Darlington Lodge discontinued this practice May 2012.

So What is This About?

Please feel free to browse our site. Information regarding our lodge, its history, the charitable work we perform can all be found here. If you would like to contact us or leave a comment these options are also available to you.



I leave you with an extract from an Oration given at Darlington Lodge which in my opinion best describes our lodge and the companionship which can be found amongst its members.



".. is this to be your building? or is it to be built by the GA himself working through you, is the honour to be His? or do you seek it for yourselves? .. the value of the lodge depends on the spirit of its members, for what we consecrate today is not a building of stones, but of human beings.

His spirit must move in the hearts of its members not just in open lodge; it must reveal itself in the daily lives of the members wherever they are

... it is to be engraved on our hearts and revealed in our daily lives. If that is true of Darlington Lodge then it will be a good lodge and a credit to the craft.

...... Keep your lodge decently and in order, valuing quality rather than quantity; .. let his spirit abide in you and His order be yours, keep the high ideals with which you start, and your lodge will grow from strength to strength................"